Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Becoming Stepdad's Wife

 When Tyler’s stepdad Craig blackmails him into rough BDSM sex, Tyler refuses at first, but then he discovers how much he craves it.

Soon, Tyler’s mother leaves Craig for another man, so Tyler is off the hook. But seeing Craig devastated, Tyler offers to step into the role of his daddy’s little wife: cooking for him, cleaning for him and having lots of sex with him.

Can they sustain a meaningful relationship with this new arrangement? Or will Tyler crack under the pressures of being daddy’s little wife?

This steamy gay erotic series features consensual hot man-on-man action, bondage, spanking, punishment/torture, domination/submission, roleplay, first-time anal sex, public sex, and gay sex toys such as anal beads.

Come along as Tyler realizes just how much he likes being daddy’s little wife.


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