Friday, January 25, 2013

Surrender to the Bad Boy 1

When Greg is evicted from his apartment, he answers an ad to be a servant in the household of bad boy alpha male millionaire Tyler, but he soon realizes it is no ordinary position. Tyler demands his complete surrender and Greg is only too willing to oblige.

Greg has never met a man like Tyler before. Strong, confident, ultra-macho - Tyler embodies everything sexy about masculinity. When Greg steps into a world of wealth, privilege and excess, he is swept away in a whirlwind of passion, the kind that awakens him to his own powerfully insatiable homosexuality.

As love blooms between them, Greg develops confusing feelings for the man. Is this love? If so, how can he ensure that it's more than just a temporary arrangement?

This steamy gay erotic series features consensual hot man-on-man action, bondage, spanking, punishment/torture, frottage, humiliation, domination/submission, roleplay, first-time anal sex, public sex, gay sex toys such as anal beads and a passionate love-hate relationship.

This is not your typical gay erotica love story. This is for those who wish to explore unconventional and dark gay eroticism, pushing the boundaries of common and acceptable notions of gay love and sex.

Come along as Greg awakens to his own potent and passionate homosexuality.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Powerful Closeted Gay Men 1

New Series!

What do powerful closeted gay men do with money, power and time on their hands?

A big time Hollywood talent agent, a high-profile senator and an oil millionaire - these three closeted gay men indulge in affairs and flings with beautiful but supposedly stupid and naive young men.

But unknown to them, these cunning young men are actually wildly ambitious and extremely deadly. When they don’t get what they want, they resort to backstabbing, blackmail and extortion to scale the heights of money and power at the three’s expense.

The gay equivalent of a Jackie Collins novel, Powerful Closeted Gay Men is a series full of drama, scandal, intrigue, power, betrayal and lots and lots of hot guys.