Friday, December 21, 2012

Introducing the Unresolved Daddy Issues Series!

Secrets, lies, blackmail, fame, celebrity and scandals mark the Unresolved Daddy Issues series.

Rising movie star Jett Coretti has everything going for him: a hot career, a huge mansion and a cute older boyfriend Chad. But Chad is keeping a secret that could potentially destroy their relationship. Meanwhile, Jett’s best friend Sam is having an affair with a married Vegas hotel mogul, but when he doesn’t get a commitment from him, blackmail and extortion become the name of the game. At the same time, Jett’s brother, rock star Scott Coretti could have any girl he wants, but why is he drawn to his backup dancer, the Asian muscle god Braden?

Throw in a crazy starstruck stalker who wants to marry Jett and the story climaxes with exciting confrontational action.

Unresolved Daddy Issues contains all the intrigue, sex, secrets, scandals and drama of the gay equivalent of a Jackie Collins novel.

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