Friday, March 2, 2012

Lisa Worrall's Latest: Laurel Height

My good friend, the lovely and talented Lisa Worrall has just released a new novel, entitled Laurel Heights. Check it out!

A shot rings out in the dead of night and leaves two residents dead in the exclusive, gay gated housing community of Laurel Heights, an apparent murder/suicide, but not everyone is convinced.

Detectives Scott Turner and Will Harrison are sent undercover to dig beneath the surface and discover answers. There’s only one problem: Scott and Will are not out of the closet at work. Now they are two gay men, pretending to be straight, who must pretend to be gay in order to stop a murderer.

Will the two closeted officers be able to hide their attraction while believing the other is straight? And is the killer living among them waiting to claim his next victim?

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  1. Replies
    1. I loved your book. I just finished it and I have to tell you that I loved the surprise ending! You did a great job keeping the murderer a secret too. I thought Scott and Will's story was great. I hope there will be a sequel with the cliffhanger you gave us. Great job, looking forward to reading more of your work.