Saturday, July 19, 2014

New Series: Alpha Wolf Royalty!

19 year old Max is a farm boy who desperately wants to leave the farm to achieve his dream of becoming a fashion designer.

Logan is a dispossessed alpha werewolf prince who meets Max by accident, but the sexy wolf is in the middle of an explosively violent war for control of his kingdom.

At first, Max is torn between his own safety and his blossoming fiery passion for the handsome prince. But soon, Max makes his choice and a result, is caught in the crossfires of high-stakes court politics and treacherous enemies when he accompanies Logan to the Werewolf Kingdom of Lupelia, where homosexuality is the norm and not the exception.

Will his passionate love for Logan see them through? Does love really conquer all?

The Alpha Wolf Royalty series explores just how high a price a man is willing to pay for an all-powerful and all-consuming love.


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